Style can be very easy in your 40’s – because you are a leader and you don’t have to follow fashion trends.

Just because you are of a certain age, does not mean you have to start dressing in a certain way. That said, I am all about dressing my clients in a way to maintain a youthful edge, but also understanding where the boundaries are, and considering what is no longer appropriate. 

The following are 12 items that will elevate any wardrobe for a man in his 40’s: 

1. Invest in a well tailored suit. You deserve to own a custom, bespoke suit. When people hear the phrase ‘tailored suit’, they immediately think that it’s expensive or unnecessary. But here’s another way to look at it – they are better quality, better fit, better fashion and better money spent. A timeless, tailor-made suit never goes out of fashion. 

2. Fitted dark wash jeans. Dark wash jeans will always look more elevated and sophisticated then light wash. 

3. Although it is very tempting to always grab for jeans, now is the time to make chinos and wool trousers your best friends, too.

4. Pay attention to your fragrance. You want to smell like a gentleman (and a grown man). Fragrances in the woody family are classic. One that I suggest is Tom Fords ‘Oud Wood’.

5. Every man should own a great outerwear coat: A black or chocolate brown leather jacket, or a navy wool pea coat, or bomber jacket, or own all three for versatility! Also, own a well fitted, 2 button sports jacket. This will elevate your style in just about any setting without being over dressed. 

6. A nice crisp white button down shirt (roll up the sleeves). Simple & sexy!

7. Own a well fitted, crew neck sweater (camel, grey, or charcoal). Always wear a collard shirt underneath. Wear with your dark wash jeans for a sophisticated polished-casual look. 

8. A v-neck sweater is handy to own,  worn with a collared shirt underneath. Tuck the shirt into your jeans, and keep the collar of the shirt tucked into the sweater as well. 

9. Own a nice lace up dress shoe. Invest in nicer shoes guys!  Stop wearing athletic sneakers everywhere, especially out to dinner with your significant other on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s so easy to incorporate a nice dress shoe into your outfit, even with jeans. You will instantly look more like a grown up that commands a certain level of respect. Ps – if you are single – women notice shoes really quickly! 😉 

10. A casual lace up dress shoe. If you are a sneaker guy, there are tons of elevated and tasteful fashion sneakers out there for you. Go for streamlined, classic and simple. Driving mocs and loafers are another comfortable option. 

11. Invest in a nice dress watch – It will come across as mature and other aspects of your life are also put together.

12. Upgrade your eye wear. Many men over 40 require eyeglasses or at the very least reading glasses. This is a perfect opportunity to add interest, detail and dimension to your face. Don’t look at it as an necessity, look at them as a super cool accessory you can wear on your face. Invest in a pair that enhances your face’s best qualities. You need to choose a pair of frames that compliment your face shape and complexion.

I hope you found some of my tips helpful. Thank you so much for reading. Take care and have a prosperous day.

Sarah-Jane Wise