Statics show up to 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra. Make a point to be properly measured at a lingerie store or take out your measuring tape (message me, I’ll show you how to measure your bra size). Re-measure about every 6 months to a year. A girl with a B cup may wear a 34B in one bra style and a 36B in another. It all depends on the construction of the cup and what the bra is meant to do under her clothing. This is why when you are heading to the fitting from, it’s best to bring a selection of styles with you to try on.

Every girl needs great bras in her arsenal. Here are a few staples to start out with:

1. An everyday bra. Smooth cup, no seams, no details and nude.

2. A convertible bra. Smooth, molded, or slightly padded cup with underwire construction (have one in nude). This type of bra covers your options of strapless, halters, and one-shoulder tops and dresses.

3. A bra top camisole: Have some in you skin tone and in black. Choose light weight with either underwire or shelf of elastic at the bottom of a panel sewn in for shape, and adjustable bra straps. This piece disappears under silk and sheer shirts.

Tip: Buy a pack of clear straps to attach whenever you need near-invisible straps.

The Right Pair of Panties for you:

The perfect pantie should smooth out completely with no lines shown trough your clothes whatsoever.

Cotton Panties:

When it comes to fabrics for the everyday, cotton is your best bet. The natural fibers work well to keep your business feeling fresh. Depending on the circumstances, your doctor may recommend wearing cotton panties on a daily basis. Whether you’re used to not wearing underwear at all or you simply prefer synthetic materials, wearing cotton could protect your body and offer you the level of comfort you’ve looking for.


For any piece of hip-riding clothing, choose a lower riding thong to avoid it showing. Make sure the thong has the right rise for you.

Tip: Wash all these things in a lingerie bag or wash by hand in cold water and air dry. Never put an underwire bra in the dryer.


If you are looking to buy ultra sheer: always choose exact match to your skin tone.

Never wear cream or white stockings – a more unflattering look has never been created. LOL.

If you are looking to buy sheen: keep it to a minim in the day time for a most natural (and modern look).

Tip: If you are to wear a colored tight, it should be subtle and a tonal contribution of your skirt that blends into your shoe or boot to keep the look sophisticated, not costumed.

We often think the right handbag or killer heels will complete our look. However in reality is the right underwear will make or break your outfit. 

I hope you found some of my tips helpful. Thank you so much for reading. Take care and have a beautiful day.

Sarah-Jane Wise