Every morning when we wake up, or maybe at night before we go to bed, we look through our wardrobe and pick out what we are going to wear. The routine of picking out your outfit, accessories, and shoes is an important part of the day. What you wear is a representation of yourself and you want to put your best foot forward. Further, the state of your wardrobe will set the tone for your day. We could choose to look at a messy, chaotic wardrobe – or a beautiful, organized and calming wardrobe. When the space you live in is organized, with as little clutter and chaos as possible, your mind and life will follow. Here are a few easy tips of how to instantly make your wardrobe look more polished.

Unified hangers

Use all the same hangers. It doesn’t really matter which ones you pick, just keep them consistent. Using unified hangers not only keeps your closet looking organized, they are a space saver, too. Using irregular hangers only take up precious real estate in your wardrobe (save the thick ones for blazers, coats, and other heavy garments). Using consistent, unified hangers is one of the secrets to a professional and organized looking wardrobe.


Limit your closet to ready-to-wear. Separate clothes that need repairs, alterations or dry cleaning. So, each item is in good condition & ready to wear. Hopefully that will get you inspired to get those repairs done, too! 😉

Store away off-season

Store away your off-season clothing. Organize your clothes by season and don’t be afraid to pack up what you are not using for the next 6 months. If you are not using them for a whole season, there is no point of having them take up space in your wardrobe. Fold them up nicely and store them in bins, baskets or nice canvas boxes.  

A few more tips

Have all of you clothing facing the same direction as you hang them up. Therefor, as you flip though your selection, you can easily see the front details of your garment.

Group like things together, for example, tank tops, sleeveless blouses, jackets, skirts, pants etc. and within each group organize by colour. Colour grouping really helps you match outfits, and looks beautiful like a rainbow, too.

I hope you found some of my tips helpful. Thank you so much for reading. Take care and have a beautiful day.

Sarah-Jane Wise